Sex ED the right way

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Unknown kid

I'm a university student, only 20 years of age who saw your episode on Netflix and got curious of what kind of videos you make that you so much despise the online free pornography. So I watched one of your videos and actually prefer it much more than the free videos online. You see, its true of most of my generation - they learned their sex ED from porn online, however; we tend to have difficulties of actually pleasing a woman because we think the porn we watch is the Tips and Tricks of how to make a woman pleased and cum, in order to attract more women. But your video production gives a true sense of how it actually is supposed to be in bed.

On the other hand, I'm in a strong long-lasting relationship with a cute girl who is shy. What really pleases me is when I'm just casually watching TV, for example, and my shy GF comes and starts showing initiation and touching my legs. That is my confession. Hopefully, this is a great story for you to make. All in all, keep up the good work.