Rope Bunny

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Erebus

I have a friend with whom I've recently shared my interest in rope bondage - and she shared her interest in being tied up. Although we're platonic, we agreed it would be fun to hang out for some rope-oriented fun - our first session was a few weeks ago. She's perfect for tying, and pretty cute - she's tiny, small and petite, so the shortest rope can go a long way, and she has this gorgeous long red hair. Our session was great, and even though we're platonic friends, tying is still quite intimate - handling her body, pushing and pulling her into places while I twisted the rope around her, touching her breasts while tying a chest harness, or caressing her legs as I tied her ankles. I was admittedly getting a little hot under the collar and, as is my confession, I was hoping she was too. While she was tied, hands behind her back, ankles bound, I just wanted to lean in and kiss her. I wanted my hands to explore her. I wanted to feel how wet being bound made her. I wanted her to moan as I touched her, to nod eagerly as I brought her upstairs to my bed. I want to do so much more than tie her up. Each time I've seen her since, she makes mention of having another rope session, and I hope that she wants to do more than that too...