The Couple In Room 206

A Sexual Fantasy

— By denim3301

I'm a female alone in a hotel for business. My room has a locked interconnecting door to the next room. I'm awoken by voices as the occupants next door come back. They start to fuck against the door, so I get out of bed and put my ear next to the door and masturbate listening to them. I shout out when I orgasm and they hear me and I hear laughter. I go back to bed embarrassed but soon they push a letter under the door inviting me to join them. tentatively i leave my room and knock on their door. A small petite girl answers and invites me in. On the bed is her lover, tall and strong. they ask if I want to join them but i sit in the armchair and they resume fucking. I sit naked in the chair masturbating. Once they have finished the man walks over to my chair and I suck him hard. He picks me up and fucks me hard from behind over the arm of the chair. The female joins him and I have her as well.