The Queen and I

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sumi_x

Here's my fantasy, it takes place in the early 1700s;

It's late, after midnight. The queen is deeply unhappy with her husband, both in the court and in the sheets. So I, a newcomer to her kingdom, caught her eye, and tonight she calls upon me to please her. I arrive at her door, and she wears only a silk gown. It starts gently, softly. The softest kisses on my neck, the softest kisses on my breasts. She tells me how i will be her mistress, and asks me if she can run a dagger up and down me. My body comes alive as the dagger touches my thigh, sending bursts of vibrant pulses through my veins. Slowly the handle enters me, and I can no longer hold back. I drag my nails across her back as she fucks me, as she hears my moaning and watches my body move to the rhythm of the dagger. Here in this giant bed, its frame decorated by ornate designs, I am hers. And she is mine.