Putting On A Show

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DC

I am training to become an actor. I Sing, I Dance, and I Act, and this keeps me pretty fit as well.

There's this one guy in my course who I have been fooling around with since High school, a tall, dark and handsome european, lets call him Ezra. On the odd occasion we meet up at the theatre and mess around backstage...but last week something interesting happened...

The Techie from the theatre, who has shown some interest in me for a while (lets call him Matt) happened to be there when me and Ezra had planned a hookup. He told me he was just leaving and grabbed my ass as I entered the theatre and he walked out.

When Ezra finally arrived I could hardly contain myself. It had been weeks since our last meeting and I was dying to caress his abs and lick his balls.
His breathing became heavy as I pushed him against the wall and began to lick him everywhere.
Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw something move...

Matt was standing on stage staring blank faced at the two of us, shirts unbuttoned and pants down.

I watched him begin to rub his bulge and unbutton his own shirt, but I didn't stop sucking.
Matt sat down on a bed, which happened to be in the middle of the stage, and started to masturbate. By this time Ezra and I had swapped positions, and I was against the wall.

As I switched my gaze between Ezra and Matt I realised that Matt was much more attractive than I had thought...suddenly his glasses made him look much more sexy. He was much bigger than I had thought.

I could tell Introducing another party excited Ezra, so I stood up and took him over to Matt.
Mutually, we pleasured Matt with our mouths and hands...

After changing positions a few times, I ended up taking it from both. It was amazing! Matt tasted so good, and Ezra worked his magic.

I will never forget the day that the techie became the one under the spotlight, probably even out performing me...

Actually...probably not.