Puppet Girl is falling for ya

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

"Distance is not my problem. I'm not looking for a girlfriend here, you understand that?"

Here's the photo of your mischievous smile when you said you weren't horny, yet moments later you asked if I want to get on Skype and try breaking my "anal virginity". But all I can think about was that one line you said last night.

I got on Skype. You told me to strip, I did. Told me to play with my tits, I did. You said you'd be a gentleman tonight and you'd make me cum first. But it instantly reminded me of another thing you said last night.

"Is it game o'clock? " I asked.
"Yeah. I want to play a new game."
"What's that?"
"The Puppet Girl. I give the commands and the puppet girl must enjoy herself in fulfilling my desires. She's a little worthless whore, isn't she?"

And yet, you just said you'd be a gentleman.

But what else can I do? I'm torn between getting all aroused by being your submissive puppet girl - or worthless whore - and following the other voice in my head saying I should stop, cause this time things aren't going as we planned. That is, I'm not supposed to have feelings for you.

So here I am, trying to fuck my asshole with a finger that won't fit. Obediently follow your orders. You put on a show for me just so I can cum and make myself wet enough to lubricate the asshole.

You're not a gentleman, you never are. You're a self centered master. I wish I could undo everything, just wake up, get up, and forget all this nonsense they call love. But oh look, now you're making my favorite face of yours: your dreamy cum face.

And just like that I've fallen again.