Pose me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nipple

I was a model at his college and he was my photographer. He had shot me before a couple times, and there had been a lot of sexual tension, but I never expected him to be so direct about what he wanted. He came over to me from where he was with his camera, and moved my face ever sol delicately. We locked eyes and he smiled as he in one swift move made his way into my pants. "You're already wet." he said smiling. He bent me over the window where he fingered me as I watched the people working in the office across the street. He grabbed a desk and put it in front of the door in case any professor was thinking of stopping by to check in on him. Placed a chair in the middle of the room, turned of a computer connected to a projector and turned on photo booth. I watched myself ride him while he covered my mouth with his hand because I couldn't help but yell I was so excited, it felt so good. Watching myself as it was all happening. Someone knocked on the door, he pushed me off the chair and I knelt down. Asking to cum in my mouth so I could go to the computer quickly and show him on the big screen as I swallowed his cum .