places only a woman knows about

A Sexual Fantasy

— By danalyssa

I've always wanted to know what it would be like to go down on a woman.

To pleasure her and lick her pussy until she convulsed in my arms. To grip her thighs and kiss places only a woman knows about.

That I want a woman so bad has always been a secret hidden inside. I want to hold her breasts and suck the nipples, and then rub an ice cube around her breasts and watch those nipples become rock hard. I want to play with her clit, and I want her to do the same to me. She would make me orgasm and in return I would definitely make her orgasm more than once.

I'd kiss her all over and make her so wet until I could insert my fingers and exploring every inch of her vagina and ass. I would then lick every inch of her anal area and make her feel like nothing else matters.

It would be heaven.

I would love to be with a woman but for now I'm in a relationship with a man. I beg him to do these things to me, but he really has no idea about a woman's body. So for now, my fantasy remains in masturbating to lesbian porn.