Physical therapy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By discoversx

For some time I had pains in my left leg during exercise. My friend recommended this physical therapist, so I followed her advice and I made an appointment with Dr. Vertigo to see if he could fix my problem. His voice sounded smooth and calm on the phone, which already made me curious. A type of curiosity you should not have for your physician.

The moment I stepped into his office and looked in his eyes I felt my underbelly shiver. He asked me about my problem and explained that he could treat it, to make it better. What I did not anticipated is that he asked me to take of my trousers, before I would lay down on the massage table. This was needed for a better treatment, to reach the right area. I was only wearing a tiny thong and noticed that he was acting a bit nervous. He asked me to lie on my belly on the table, which I then did. Starting with massaging the area of my injury he suddenly moved his hands to my inner thighs. My heart started beating faster and I doubted if I should say something. Instead I let him go on as he was caressing the skin of my legs. Suddenly he turned me around, putting me on my back, slowly taking his finger tops to my private spot. My breathing became heavier and my temperature warmer. Quickly I removed his hand, got away from the massage table and pushed Mr. Vertigo to the door of the room. With one hand I open his jeans which showed a perfect cock sticking forward. As he stood against the door I fucked him, knowing that the colleagues of the practice were right outside. While he was thrusting faster and faster I kissed him passionately. Then I stopped and went down on him to give him an explosive orgasm.

We got dressed and he asked me if I would like to make a new appointment. I smiled and asked: The same kind of treatment? He nodded, so I replied: Definitely, see you next week.

With blushes on my cheeks I walked out of his office, wondering if his colleagues knew what was going on minutes before.