Phone call revenge

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sal81

My fantasy is a little sadistic, based on infidelity and cheating. But I can assure you that this is just a fantasy and I am not this kind of woman. I don´t like to hurt people or sleep with married men...

My lover is married to another woman. She is so innocent and beautiful. That is why I hate her. She loves him and he loves her. I am just his lover.

But one evening he is knocking at my door holding flowers and champagne. "I have some beautiful news for you," he says. He has broken up with her. Left her for me. He tells me he loves just me. He tells me how she cried "Please no, I love you" but left her anyway.

I feel complete satisfaction so I start to undress to make love for the first time as an official couple. I feel so horny at the thought of having him in my arms as she is at home alone crying. He tells me he doesn't care about her. So I make my move. I call her so she can hear me having sex with him.

She cries but I don´t care. I want my revenge so I tell her I´m having sex with MY man now... she cries as we make love, listening to our moans as my man kisses me and fucks me. He tells me how she was stupid and that the sex is better with me... We both some as she is crying so desperately. I don´t care. I am so happy to be with him. I pick up the phone, "Adios puta!" and hang up.