A Sexual Fantasy

— By original wanksta

I read a story in the news today: a performance of classical music was interrupted when a woman in the audience had "a loud full body orgasm." During a dramatic swell in the music, everyone could hear her cry out as she climaxed. The performers onstage kept playing, not missing a beat.

I wish I had been there, sitting nearby, to hear it for myself. Was she merely a music lover, swept away in the moment? Or was she there with a companion? Perhaps they thought they were being sneaky, thought nobody would notice that hand sliding up her thigh, those fingers slipping inside her panties. Or maybe she wasn't wearing panties at all. Maybe they do this all the time: season tickets and secret handjobs in the crowd... only this time it wasn't so secret?

What about those in the audience who heard her ecstatic moaning? Were they inspired to touch themselves as well? Did they rush home to fuck? A quickie in the car? A cascade of beautiful music and passionate sex.