My personal hoda

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fitzcarralda

As a balance for a stressful work life I picked up Capoeira, the Brasilian martial art combining elements of fight, dance and play. Though considered as playing a game, Capoeira can become quite rough and violent. You might try to throw the other to the ground and block the body, so he or she is not able to move.

One day the energy, the thrill of the game and the driving rhythm of the music was so arousing. I decided to stay a bit longer after training, asking my teacher to show me some moves in a little private lesson.

Slowly and carefully he demonstrated each movement. We began to play. But  the atmosphere started to change as the game became more and more challenging and violent.

In the heat of the game, passion overcame us both. I was thrown on my back, pants ripped off and having wild sex with my trainer on the floor of the training room... I watched the reflection of our sweaty bodies in the mirrored wall and him coming all over me...