Our Private Island

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tinadam

For our 15th wedding anniversary my incredible husband planned a very romantic & sexy trip to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica - which he specifically picked for the ‘au natural’ island several hundred meters from the shore. We were in heaven - lounging, talking, not talking, being so close to each other, being naked in the warm sun.

On our last day it was raining so the island was closed. But we convinced the ferry driver to take us out there nonetheless. We wanted to spend a few more minutes on 'our corner' of the island before heading home to our four kids & busy lives. Once there we were happy to find a single chilled bottle of champagne behind the bar. The feeling of being in this special place, naked, together, was so thrilling, so sexy. The warm, tropical rain falling around us, caressing every part of our naked bodies, we made love. Surrounded by the bright green leaves and beautiful tropical flowers, pink, yellow, blue... all the colors merging together as our bodies slipped over one another. We took pictures too - which are usually not allowed. My husband laid me on the bar, caressing and playing with me in his magical way to orgasm. I felt so free and alive.

Still glowing, bodies glistening from sweat and rain, we flagged the boat driver to retrieve us as we giggled all the way home like teenagers. We are returning this summer for our 20th anniversary and hope to get more time on our private island!