My new shrink

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LadyGray

I have to see a psychiatrist at my university once a month in order to receive a prescription for my medication. Since I'm currently in good mental and emotional health, these are usually short, routine visits, 15 minutes or so of chitchat. For the past year or so, my psychiatrist has been a quiet woman of about 40. But she left the university, and so I was assigned to someone new. When I heard his name, I was surprised to realize I'd been assigned to a male doctor, but I was sure it would be fine. I did not for a moment imagine, however, that he'd be about my age - 35 at the very oldest - and notably hot, a self-assured young intellectual.

All of that, though, would have been fine - I would have easily been able to avoid flirting with him - if I didn't have the distinct impression that he was having the same thoughts about me. The more awkward he became, the more impossible it was not to joke with him, to smile teasingly. And the more I flirted, the more he tried to cover up his attraction to me. Finally I took pity on him and, taking in hand the prescription that I'm so dependent on him for, I flashed one last smile and left.

Of course, it didn't go any further than that. But what if it had?