Mrs. Robinson, Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Martin

Ever since I can remember I have had something of a fetish for older women. It is a very deep part of my fantasy, when I first formed it, to be with a woman who is around 30 years older than me. The thrilling point is to see her as a "woman" and not as a "girl". I love the idea, to have a woman who is experienced, to have a woman who knows what she wants and who really dares to tell me what she wants. Especially I like the idea to have a woman with all the marks of life left on her skin, her whole body and her soul. Today I am 35 years old and this fetish has evolved that I desire to have sex with a women between at least 40 to 50. Women of that age emit such an intense, desirable personality and character to me - that really drives me crazy sometimes.

I imagine her telling me about her life, about her inner feelings and confessions. I masturbate and imagine a tall woman at the age of about 50, already with some grey hair, with a feminine hips and with skin that still shines with some beautiful wrinkles around her eyes and on her bosom. I imagine how it might feel touching her little smooth belly while she opens her legs for me so that I can get a glimpse of her hairy vulva. In this fantasy, we end up sitting very close: masturbating, touching and watching each other until a final embracement gives us both a relief.