Me ... and a billion other men

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dana

My fantasy involves big, soft breasts!


I imagine that you’re thinking: “so what … you and a billion other men”.


But I am an Asian woman who, although above-average curvy, still has relatively small breasts.


My Caucasian husband and I are close friends with a Caucasian couple where the woman, who has breast-fed two children (we have no children), has quite large breasts. I have a recurring fantasy (perhaps a kind of nurturing, mother-figure fantasy?) of us all being naked and I am on my back gripping a cock in each hand and the woman is over me, rubbing her so warm, smooth and soft breasts sensuously all over my body.


Maybe with oil, or maybe not – I’m not quite sure: I probably need to try both to see which I prefer!


Anyway, I become more and more aroused and, by moving them back-and-forth, the woman swings her breasts - which I imagine as having large, hard nipples – like pendulums, running those nipples along my pussy lips and slit, and against my clit, first slowly, lightly and teasingly, then building up in pressure and tempo until she brings me to a beautiful orgasm, with my hold on the cocks an anchor to my movements.