A Male escort in Feminist World

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Talesofpowerwomen

I am a male escort. I cater to sexual needs of corporate women. I am surrounded by sex starving women. Even my madam is a sexy mother of two boys. I must say that women do not demand romance from me, they demand some hardcore sex from me. Most of my clients are over 35 successful businesswomen running big businesses all around the world. I have slept with a female CEO yesterday. She is a red haired voluptuous woman with natural big boobs. She loves to wear mini skirts and her legs are just heavenly. She is very demanding in the beginning but patient at the same time. She asked me how much I make from escort business and surprised that how little men earn these days compared to the fairer sex. Another client of mine is a HR director and she is always trying to help me with my career in business. I am a lucky man to serve this dominant women as they thrive in the new feminist world.