I love you. Make me jealous.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By exploringdesires

I love my husband. And I also have other lovers sometimes. We have an open marriage. Of course, sex is always intense and passionate with someone new. But the best part is coming home to my husband after I have been with another man.

I leave my new lover lying in his bed. Tonight we made love for the first time, and it was delightful. Now it’s time to go. I collect my clothes from the floor. He watches as I get dressed. I kiss him goodbye.

In the taxi home, I reflect on how lucky I am. I enjoy my sexual freedom and I have a loving marriage – the best of both worlds.

I open the door to our apartment quietly and head for the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. I definitely have that post-coital, ravished look. My lips are slightly swollen, my hair is a mess, so is my makeup. My husband comes in, looking sleepy and handsome, wearing his robe: “Hello gorgeous, did you have a nice night?”

“Yes,” I answer, “it was very satisfying.” I give him a sultry smile and say: “I guess I need to take a shower.”

“Definitely not, “ he replies. I know he longs to taste the salt on my skin. He takes me in his arms and kisses my tender lips. He unzips my dress and it slips from my shoulders. He leads me to our bedroom, where a candle is flickering.

My clothes come off as he says: “I love you. Make me jealous.” It’s our game.

I tell him about the dinner, followed by my lover’s invitation. I describe how we kissed on his sofa, how my desire was building as we undressed each other.

“… and then I took his cock into my mouth,” I kiss my husband deeply with that same mouth, gently pinching his nipples. Exquisite.

“Please do it the same way for me,” he requests.

“Like this,” as I slide down and recreate the moment, “except his was… definitely bigger…”

I answer his every question while pleasuring him. He explores my body with his mouth and hands. As he kisses my vulva, savoring the scent of my prior encounter, he sighs: “You taste so good.”

I softly tell him: “And now I want you inside me. But please be gentle – I'm a little bit sore."