What a little touch can do

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lunababy

I get a massage about every two weeks – to relax my back, my muscles, my legs. A short holiday in a tough week. The masseuse is a small woman, about 52, very nice, but more of a family woman, not sexy. She does a great job. Very often I just fall asleep while she works. Yesterday she accidently touched my balls. Even as I was half asleep I instantly got a boner that almost lifted the towel off. I did not move and faked sleep. She paused for a moment, looked at the towel - and then ignored the “show”. This was so sexy - I almost could not sleep the next few nights. And had this phantasy: I lay there on the massage-bed, on my back, dozing, when she moved up my leg again. I could not stop it; even without being touched my prick got veeeery stiff. The towel fell off and I lay there, eyes closed. She stopped a moment, looked. Then she touched me lightly, still not saying anything, contemplating the situation. Suddenly she put oil on her hands, grabbed my dick and started to massage it. As it got even harder, veins pulsating, she started to pull the foreskin all the way down, hand over hand, strong grip. And then after several strokes back again the other direction, hand over hand, lots of oil. This was so exiting, so different, so special, so unreal, I was overwhelmed. I came like never before, sperm first hitting my chest, and then up to my chin... never opening my eyes, never making a sound… Without a word she cleaned me, rearranged the towel and presumed her work. We never exchanged a word about the situation. Just chatted a bit after the time was over. Then I left. At the door she stopped me, pointing to my hair. “There is some oil left there from the massage”, she said with a grin, “you might want to remove that.” The “oil” was thick and white…