Come on baby, light my fire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tosweet

One of the most powerful vignettes you have filmed is Married with Children. Many couples can identify with the loss of passion in their lovemaking and appreciate the effort the couple makes to reignite it. Each Valentines Day, we do the same when we escape to a lush, romantic cabin in woods and begin our passionate weekend with a game of strip billiards.

But instead of simply demanding the removal of an article of clothing whenever a ball is dropped in a pocket, we make it more interesting. First, both of us make an effort to wear erotic clothing (my wife wears a corset, shelf bra, pasties, crotchless panties, thigh highs, etc. I wear see-thru briefs, a cock ring, etc.). During games of 8-ball, whenever a player successfully sinks a ball in a pocket he/she wins a choice: make a request for a sexual favor, pull a card from the deck of a game called "Fifty Days of Play," or demand an article of clothing.

For example, if my wife sinks a ball she may demand that I lick her pussy or suck her nipples or place my cock in her mouth. If I hit the pocket, I may choose to pull a card from the deck that instructs me to attach nipple clamps on her or insert Luna pleasure beads. You get the idea.

We love how our annual game of billiards prolongs our fun and restores or passion for one another. I realize that this "confession" may be longer in length for filming than you would prefer, but given how much you audience skews toward adult material that can be enjoyed by couples I think many, many married couples would be inspired by the story.

Thanks for all of your wonderful productions. You are unparallelled as a sensitive, insightful, couple-friendly filmmaker.