A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

Whenever I see a library I think sex. It's a good spot to get naughty. I want to strip naked and walk around being shielded by the book shelves and trying not to get caught. Being nervous and filled with adrenaline listening for footsteps and getting terrified when I hear them near by, thinking I'm about to get caught only to have those foot steps go elsewhere. Also wondering if I've been spotted through the book shelf openings. My fantasy is that I start masturbating on the library floor. Wary at first, then I throw caution to the wind and forget about my surroundings as I surf through the pleasure. As I'm about to reach my peak, I'm caught by the librarian putting away books. I cover up quickly. Her astonishment quickly turns into a smile. A lustful one. She's been working hard all day and is stressed and can really go for some fun. She leaves her books and comes close. She shows me her hand and asks me "can I"? I nod yes and open up my legs. She starts stroking my penis and I cum almost immediately because I was almost at my peak anyway plus all this new excitement of being caught and touched by a stranger. I moan loud but she shushes me and reminds me that I'm in a library. She cleans me up with her mouth, then she takes her panties off but leaves her skirt on. We agree to fuck and she's bouncing on me wildly. She takes one tit out and squeezes it. We fuck until she cums which is quick too because of the circumstances. She lets out a loud moan not caring that it's a library. I don't shush her, I like the sound of her. It's her library anyway.