Let them eat cake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NaughtyGirl

I have this kink with eating indulgent food in bed, not only when I’m watching my favorite Netflix series but when I’m engaging in sexual pleasure, too. Food is quite sexual actually, and there is just something about eating and fucking at the same time. Stuffing both holes, if you will. Sometimes when I masturbate I want to eat cake during and afterwards to treat myself for being so good. Often times I ask my partner if he’ll feed me a Paris-Brest while fucking me. We even joke about the double entendre, “pair of breasts”. I feel wild with the desire to smear myself in icing and powdered sugar and coco powder while I play with myself. Maybe it’s because I’m a libra and just love extravagance or I just love indulging all of my senses at once. I admire Marie Antoinette for her love of pleasure. I get what she means by “let them eat cake”. It makes me happy, and I feel so feminine when I’m in my best lingerie, hair and makeup done, surrounded by satin, with my favorite vibrator and a Paris-Brest. For me, nothing beats a good cummy and a sinful dessert. That’s living. Xo, Naughty Girl