The Language of Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pedro Pineda

I have the feeling that sex is just another kind of language. One that is best spoken with our bodies. A language that isn't as developed as anything spoken.

So my fantasy is about this guy, deciding to finally learn that language.
He looks everywhere, what events there are, or people to talk too, or things to read.
He tries sex therapy and escorts, and talking to friends.
But nobody really knows about that language.
Everybody knows about sex, but mostly people use it like "small talk".
Some are more experimental, and extreme, and creative... but he is looking for something else. A bit more like dancing, but with another level of intimacy.

One day he sees this porn, made with a different perspective. And there is this woman there, she expresses so much in how she moves, in how she relates. There is so much more than the intercourse, this woman is speaking a different language.
And he decides to write to her. But of course it is difficult to get in touch. And he has to do all kind of things until he gets to her.
They don't talk to each other. At least nothing that we can listen to.
If you look closely you can see the timid movements of the bodies. It is like if something traveled through the air. Some times they look and sometimes not. But they are communicating.
They get close to each other, and smell each other. The skin and the hairs rise up. They don't touch, but their hairs do. And the smell is so deep that it feels they are already eating each other.
He is more timid, but she has so much experience and can lead him. She is some kind of mentor. She is young, but her body is wise.
She knows how to unleash the potential he has.
There is something animal. Not necessarily brutal, but basic instinct.
They move everywhere, and even though they don't talk, it seems like they are having the deepest conversation. In a matter of hours, it seems that they have known each other forever, but still there is so much more to say.