Just The Three Of Us

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LavenderandHoney

I have a close friend that I have slept with once. She has recently started dating a guy who satisfies her really well. She's told me a lot about them having sex, and I really want to witness her with this new person, as well as... show him that I can satisfy her too. I fantasize that I sleep on her couch after a night of the three of us drinking and laughing. Her guy wakes me, saying that he needs my help in her room. When I get in there all groggy and confused she's naked, touching herself in her bed, and he says he needs my help to get her off. I kiss down her body and go down on her. When I run my hands down her torso I feel my hands being pinned behind my back by her boyfriend, and he also grinds against me, touching me, and eventually fucks me. After my friend comes she just kisses me and locks eyes with me while this guy fucks me from behind. And he tells her to put her feet on my face, because he's seen me looking at them all night. After that he fucks her hard while while we lay together, and I cradle her face in my hands. I hold her legs firmly, sort of folding her into a ball, kissing her face gently while her mouth hangs open in pleasure. And then we all lay down together and go to sleep, exhausted and with a new level of comfort and awareness.