We are just dancing...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Labelleauboisdormant

Every dancer has this one song that takes them beyond their physical limit. To me, it’s Joel Brandenstein’s wonderful acoustic version of Rhianna’s “Diamonds”. A Rumba.

When I was still a dancer I had this fantasy:

It is the hottest summer in thirty years, and we are practicing really hard for the next competition. One of the locations we exercise in, is this old dance hall with a high ceiling, and chiseled balconies. It is a really dark place with only little sunlight filtering through the dusty windows, but it has lots of space to move, a beautiful old parquet floor and we have it all to ourselves.
This particular session is a really hard one, it’s so incredibly hot, my partner has to wring his shirt every few minutes. Time is almost up and he takes a break, laying on the floor gulping water, while I’m stretching my calves and think about how unhappy I am with my moves today. They are out of sync and not as smooth as usual. We have probably over-practiced.
I want to do better, need this one try, where everything we want to achieve will finally work out. So I put on my favorite music.
In our heads the lights go out, and a huge follow spotlight comes on to illuminate our dance. With the first notes something magical happens: For the first time in days we are just dancing. We’re so exhausted, that our brains are stopping to analyze every move, we quit wanting to control every muscle and just feel the music streaming though our bodies.
All the moves are in sync with a new perfection, because we are feeling with our feet, we are singing with our bodies and we are loving with our hands. It is perfect.
While we move our clothes start coming off, one by one, stripping his upper body, then my shirt, my bra, his pants… until he makes me turn around, to get my face really close and we kiss. No, we dance our kiss. Moving to the slow beat of the music we dance on, until we are on the floor, naked, with him moving on to the rhythm, pushing inside me. We move gradually from pretending to loving. This dance is changing us for ever.