The Junior Associate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kuskuskus

I work as a secretary for a big law firm. My boss asked me if I could help the new junior associate with his first big case. I said ok reluctantly because juniors are usually nerdy guys and kind of boring. So I dragged myself to his office which was the smallest in the whole building, somewhere at the end of a long corridor.

I knocked, heard someone stumble and nearly fall and just when I imagined he would probably be wearing two different socks, the door opened and I saw a very handsome well dressed young guy with a broad smile and the warmest blue eyes. He was grateful that I came to his rescue and he put me to work immediately.

The office was so small that two people could not move without touching each other.

So we did.

He brushed against my shoulder, I bumped into his back. It was a bit awkward at first but kind of exciting too. The more we incidentally touched the more aroused I got. He too I guess. His face was flushed when he touched my ass. He moved on to my neck and started kissing my shoulders, all the while apologizing for the accidental touching. I turned over, grabbed his crotch and murmured sorry too. He said he really could not help it but he just had to push me onto the desk. I accepted his kind excuse, removed my panties and gasped when he entered me. Files fell off the desk, paper scattered everywhere. He fucked me hard in a frantic rhythm but ever so polite. He came on my blouse, for which he instantly begged pardon.

Needless to say that he lost his first case. But it was the one he would never forget...