A good night blow job

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Firmbutloving

When she first turned up at school with her daughter, just returned home from an expat life, we clicked. We were both married to other people but there was something there, that 'naughty' spark. We really enjoyed each others company, and still do.
Our daughters became friends at school, and our families played together. It was summer, and Julias family had a large boat, they were going up the coast for the weekend, and invited us to meet them at a beach, for a BBQ.
At the last minute, my wife couldn’t come, but encouraged me to go anyway. The kids played all day in the sand and Julia, her husband and I sat around eating and drinking. I didn’t drink too much cause I thought I was driving home. As the day progressed, the sun got to us all, and it was decided that my daughter and I would stay overnight on the boat.
We all had dinner, and by this time her husband was quite intoxicated, so took himself off to bed.
Julia and I settled the kids down, the two girls out the back of the boat and her son in one of the two bedrooms (her husband was in the other). She suggested I sleep on the top bunk above her son.
I undressed, I only had my boxer shorts to wear to bed, and climbed up onto the top bunk. Julia came in to see if her son was asleep and I was all OK. I don’t know what came over me, (with her husband in the other cabin), but as she turned to leave, I cheekily asked for my goodnight kiss (her sleeping son had just got one).
She smiled at me, and to my surprise, grabbed my head and passionately caressed my lips with hers. Her left arm then reached down under my downer and grasped what was by now my rock hard meat popsicle.
The bunk was just head height for her, and to my absolute surprise (and delight) she slipped the length of me in her mouth, her tongue and lips caressed the length of me for what seemed like an eternity, as my cum built up inside me. Not to be left out, her hands were busy too, one grasping and massaging the parts of my shaft that wouldn’t fit in her mouth, and the other squeezing and pulling on my balls.