Home from Work

A Sexual Fantasy

— By KellyAnn

My partner and I have always had a strong sexual current that began the very moment we met. After more than ten years as best friends and partners, we are constantly discovering each other's hopes, dreams and intimate fantasies. We have no fear of judgement from each other. Which lead to the vibrator he encouraged me to buy.

For days, I was excitedly waiting for the unmarked package to be delivered. Finally, on a day when I was at home alone, a box arrived. I ran upstairs with a huge smile on my face and ripped it open and felt the heat as the sexual excitement became unbearable. He was still at work, and wouldn't be home for hours. I figured it would be best if I read the manual, charged the new toy and became familiar with the controls before I showed it off to him.

I began to undress. Carefully caressing my breasts, I ran my hand down my torso and felt the warmth emanating from my center. I was wet, and I couldn't help but imagine him here, his erection undeniable, and his eyes focused on me. I was kneeling on the bed, my back to the stairs, facing the window at the head of our bed. I opened my thighs, and turned on the new toy. I quickly ran through the four different cycles, finding the pattern that most fed my fantasy. In my mind, he was behind me in the room, standing at the foot of the bed. I began to play with the vibration intensity, and the smooth surface on the tip of the new toy needed no additional lubrication. I was dripping, and ready to climax.

I dreamed of him behind me, stroking his beautiful erection as he watched me undulating on my knees, the vibrator planted just to the left of my clitoris. I gasped as my climax filled my body, and could almost feel his release covering the hollow of my back. As the orgasm dissipated and my breathing slowed, I realized that there was a wetness on my behind. I felt a towel gently wiping what I thought had been imaginary come off of me.I slowly looked over my shoulder, and there he was, home from work early, a very welcome surprise for both of us!