His Body

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MamaMel

His hands

His fingers run through my hair
Like wolves on the hunt
They seize me by the neck
Like they're going for the kill
A slow release, I exhale his name
They cage my breast
Surrounded by his smoky breath
His hands work steadily
Preparing my body for his work
Revisiting his favorite places
As he reaches down, and slips inside
My sensations run electric up his strong arm
Full circle back into my body
Through my bite at his shoulder
His hand still in my sex
He lifts me off the ground, above his head
Laying me across his broad shoulders
His arms like machines
My body braced, legs spread in the air
His hands fucking me
As he holds me like a trophy
Shocked and amazed by his strength
And by my ability to mold my body to his will
I slide down the front of his chest
Never wanting his hands to release me from their hungry grip