High Fantasies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Timid Teammate

Whenever I get high, I fantasize about my teammate. Today I got an email detailing the work outs we are supposed to do while on Zoom. Suddenly I started to imagine the two of us being assigned to do the same workout and, because we live in the same building, I go to her room to see if she’s doing it. She is and I ask if she wants to do it in my room. She's a little hesitant because of coronavirus. I tease her and say it doesn't matter because either way I’ll kick your ass, even virtually. This makes her competitive so she agrees to come to my room to work out. Turns out she completely kicks my ass and is exuding triumph at her superiority. We sit there breathing heavily having given it our all. We sit and stare at each other and I wonder if she wants to kiss me as much as I do her. She crawls over to me. I stay where I am, frozen in her presence. She stops an inch from my lips and we stare into each others eyes, wondering who will close the gap. I close my eyes and feel her lips on mine, unsure which of us leaned forward first.