Hide And Seek And Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By annahejhej

One ordinary day I was studying for an exam with my boyfriend and our two best friends at our new city library. We spend multiple hours there everyday, and my boyfriend and I (bored to death) decided that playing hide and seek would be terribly fun at this crazy shaped library.

We chased eachother, hiding behind books, people, in elevators and art halls. After searching for him almost everywhere, I found him in the corner of the library, just sitting on a bench. Alone. I sat down beside him, kissed him, and laughed, because my stomach was filled with butterflies.

We started touching eachother and seeing a desire in each other's eyes.
I took off my scarf, and put it like a blanket over our legs. Underneath it we touched each other slowly, but yet intense. We kept our heads leaning in towards each other, just so we could hear our breaths becoming deeper and faster. His penis just got bigger and his hard-on was clearly visible under his tight jeans.

I quickly removed the scarf and said, catch me if you can.
So he chased me laughing, through the library, down one set of stairs, and then right into a bathroom. He looked at me like a questionmark. I just locked the door, and took of his pants.