Hidden Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By M92

The tension is there, I can always feel it. The way I look at her when she’s not looking. She looks at me deep in thought, What is she thinking? I don’t know. We are sitting on the lounge side by side, no words needed but I can feel her intense energy. She reaches for my hand and instantly I feel my pulse increase. I rub my fingers slowly and gently between hers. I feel nervous but increasingly excited all at once. She looks at me and we lean in closer and just hover in the moment. I can feel her breath on my lips as I look at hers. I lean in and kiss her, my bottom lip rubs on hers as I grab the back of her head and pull her closer. I kiss her deeper as her tongue enters my mouth. Is she ok with it? Sometimes I’m not sure but it continues. We move to the bedroom and she lays there with nothing but her undies on. I remove all my clothes and lay my naked body on top of hers. Her soft skin, the way she smells, her hair hanging around her face. No one else makes me feel this way. I move my tongue down her neck, her nipples erect and in my mouth. My hand slides up her thigh, I pull her undies to the side, her body trembles and I can feel she’s wet as my fingers enter her for the first time. She wants it just as much as I do. I put her clit in my mouth and suck gently as my fingers move in and out of her slowly. Her body tremors as she lets out a gasp of pleasure. Everything about her is sensual and beautiful. She reaches climax, I feel her cum on my fingers. She pulls me up to her face, kisses me and says “you are the best”. The chemistry, sex and everything is amazing. But that’s not enough is it? Im not the best. I’m female. She will never tell people about me, she will never love me like I love her. That is my curse. I love my friend, I love my house mate, for the first time I love a girl. All of our intimate moments mean more than physical playfulness. But I know they are just a distant memory. I will love her from a distance and unfortunately she will never know how I really feel about her.

That is my confession.