Being Fucked Loud and Clear

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bogna

Sound is my ultimate fetish, my resource, my medium, my medicine. It’s through the sound that I feel truly connected to other people.
Sound gets me most horny, too.
I am easy to secude with music and I love rough, banging techno.
Sometimes when I rave, I come to the moment when my indentity seems to be dissolving, sences exposed and ready to receive. It's a shift of perception that feels like arriving in a different, more primal reality.
I am reaching a similar state each time I sense the arousal in my lover’s voice, or in his heavy breathing. It has an immediate effect on me: I develop superhearing powers and become extremely sensitive to sounds.
I like the loud sex - don’t get me wrong - but with my ears so open, I don't need it to be loud. I can pick the the softest moans, the faintest little cries, the most quiet panting. I love how it evolves into violent grunting or uncontrolled dirty talk.. And the exhausted sighs, and the silence.
I am all listening...