First sexual contact

A Sexual Fantasy

— By C.R. Westminster

Deep in the woods on a solo fishing/camping trip to get away from the bustling city, a strange light appears among the trees, drawing Jeff away from his campfire to see who these uninvited neighbors are. He is confronted by small strange creatures that paralyze him and take him aboard a small out of this world craft. There he is stripped of his clothes and left alone and naked in a small room with a bed, where he is subjected to a foul-smelling gas. After the gas dissipates and his senses return, a young, frail, naked woman with long straight, white hair enters and seduces him. They have prolonged and varied sex as he tries to give the strange woman his best effort. When they are done the woman leaves turning at the door, she rubs her stomach, smiling and points skyward. One of the small alien creatures returns with his clothes and escorts him out of the ship. He awakens shivering and cold next to his nearly burned out campfire with amnesia. His crotch is embarrassingly wet. He returns to his tent and sleeps until morning, thinking that he had a wet dream. Three months later, he begins to have vivid memories of the event but cannot confide in anyone for fear he will be ridiculed.