First Lesbian Experience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cgreeneav84

My confession is that I dream of getting fucked by a girl in my car. My fantasy is that after having only been with guys, I meet a girl at work. She is edgy, complete with tattoos and piercings. At first, our relationship is that of coworkers. We exchange a few pleasantries, chit chat, and that's that. However, after time, our conversations start to get a bit deeper. We start talking about our past relationships, about our dreams, about life. We find ourselves getting distracted and being late getting back from lunch, and we stay at work after hours talking. I begin to find myself falling in love with her. I never felt with her that I feel from a guy. And more than that, she makes me......... excited. I have been masturbating more than ever before. I can barely contain myself around her. Just thinking about her gives me more of an orgasm than a guy ever did. One day after work, I get into my car to leave. She suddenly appears at the window. She opens the door, gets into the car, jumps onto me, and starts sensually kissing me. I say "What's going on?" She says "Just shut up and go with it. I feel this and I know you do too. I know that you are as wet as I am right now." I give in. She slowly starts working her hand in my pants and under my underwear. I can barely contain myself. She removes her hand and takes off my shirt and my bra. She starts kissing an caressing my breasts. I unbutton her pants and start removing them. She then moves over to the back seat. I follow her. We lie along the back seat and she slowly starts kissing every inch of my body. She removes my pants, and then my underwear. She starts kissing "down there." I can't take it, I am about to climax. I remove her underwear, and then her shirt and her bra. We then give each other oral at the same time. I then feel an ecstasy that I have never felt before in my life. I have never felt so connected to another human being. We then lay there, our naked bodies molding together.