A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stef

As a lesbian with adoration for the entire female body, and someone that occasionally fantasizes about seducing married, straight women, I'd like to share a longtime daydream of mine that I've masturbated to many times. I have a great appreciation for women's feet, some may term it a fetish. My scenario involves me working as a pedicurist in a salon when a woman comes in just before closing without an appointment. She appears somewhat unnerved, maybe even desperate, so I agree to service her. During the foot soak, we make small talk and then continue to get acquainted while I'm filing and tending to her nails. The woman reveals this is part of trying to improve her appearance for an inattentive husband. After offering several compliments on her looks and personality, we begin to make eye contact during the foot massage. Soon, I'm rubbing her feet more sensually until I get the sense she's open to taking this further. Moments later, the passion finally explodes as I slowly smooch my way up her legs to her pussy while she grinds her pretty toes against my clit. Mmm.