Exploring my lesbian side

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Linthara

I'm a happily married young woman, but I recently discovered that I'm totally bisexual although I have never done anything with another woman. In a few months my former university is throwing a party in a chic parisian lounge bar, for former students that graduated 2 or three years ago. There was this gorgeous girl at university, that looked a bit like me, elegant and feminine. I know she's bisexual but she doesn't know I am, nobody does. She will be there, and we'll both wear beautiful evening gowns. I dream she will be my first. I want to meet her in a cosy corner where nobody watches, kiss her lips, touch her, kiss her soft breasts, undress her, go down on her. She does the same to me. We have gentle and passionate sex. That we dress again and rejoin the party.