A Sexual Fantasy

— By Thomas2015

Everything started when my girlfriend, lets call her Chloe, told me a story about her and her ex. I was hard by the end of it. Eventually I realised that, although I knew that Chloe loved me dearly, I did not have the size or the stamina that her ex had. However instead of jealousy, this only fuelled something I didn't know I possessed. A desire to have her sexually fulfilled like I could not. I loved her and she loved me, however I did not feel that it was fair that I should keep her from feeling fully satisfied. She satisfied me, so why can't she have satisfaction too?

Eventually I explained how I felt and that I wanted to watch her fuck another man, someone big, who could make her cum again and again. And all the while I would be there holding her hand and kissing her. She explained there was a guy at work, Edward. One night, she said she had asked him out on a date. He was surprised, as he knew that she wasn't single. She explained the situation, and although a little confused, he seemed happy to take part. That night, I waited , and then they came home. Both of them were rather drunk and were kissing each other as they walked through the door. He was tall, and muscly, and she coudln't take her hands off him. We went up to the bedroom.

"Take my clothes off," said Chloe to me, so I did. She undid his trousers and gasped at the size of his cock. She began to suck it. "Eat my pussy," she told me, and I did. I was so hard watching her swallow his enormous cock while tasting her extemely wet pussy. She then stood up. "Help me put his cock in," she said. I grabbed his cock and slid it into her dripping pussy. They fucked for hours, and Chloe kept forcing my tongue into the space between his cock and her pussy.

I couldn´t stop! After Chloe had cum 4 times, it was Edward's time. He pumped 5 strong times, then lay still. "Lie down," said Chloe. I lay down on the floor. She placed her dripping wet pussy over my face. "Now you can cum" she said, I touched my rock hard cock. Slowly Edward's warm cum filled my mouth, and I came in seconds.