Am I Distracting You, Doctor?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By frnzzk

Because of my height and my skinny figure I often had back problems, so my doctor sent me to an orthopedist. Instead of the usual hours of waiting, he took me right away into his room even though other people waited way longer than me. He had black, shoulder long hair, fiery brown eyes and a skin like caramel. Despite the fact that he was way older than me, I couldn't concentrate on the questions he was asking me because of the fantasy that was going on in my head. Then he said I should undress so that he could have a look at my spine. Almost naked I stood up and he told me to bend forward to touch my toes. I could hear him breathing behind me and touching every vertebra slowly and gently. Finally he arrived at my slip and paused. Was he weighing up his lust and the risk of losing his job? He let my slip slowly go down to the ground where his underwear already laid. I felt his warm hands resting on my waist and his hard penis at my butt. "Forgot my back pain?", I asked and turned around to stand upright again. Our lips met the same time as our genitals. It was a fusion of his southern spirit and my cold skin. I took off his white coat and put it on the ground, so we could fuck on it. After we both came and I went out, my back problems were gone for some days, but I never dared to make an appointment there again. 

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