Dirty Doctor

Vex Ashley is a very sassy patient who goes for a regular appointment with Dr. Mickey Mod, the Ultimate Dirty Doctor.



By steyn

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Vex Ashley, Mickey Mod

I have a fantasy about my boyfriend playing my doctor. In his white doctor’s coat he commands me to take of my clothes and lie on the patient care table. He touches my whole body to examine me. With some ointment he treats my “sore” nipples. Then he investigates my labia and vagina with some strange medical instruments. Once fully examined, he proposes only one diagnosis: “What you need is a good fuck.”


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

Well well, this is a classic - but I confess I've always wanted to shoot it! His accessories, her nervousness, the chamber, so playful and exciting! Come on doctor, give her a full examination, tell her what she needs...

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  • Cheermonkey

    How do u watch it

    • Iasa

      Hello Cheermonkey! Please describe your issue and we'll answer asap!

  • Cheermonkey

    How doi see the vedio

    • Iasa

      Hello! This movie will release on April 7th :) Stay tuned!

  • Cheermonkey

    When can we see it

  • seefoody

    new favourite video for sure!

  • Bridgetjones

    Hmmm... also secret fantasy with a random hot guy, not especially my boyfriend... want to watch the full version!

  • Minxycat

    Hottt! One of my faves, Thanks!

  • Cheermonkey

    Why can't I watch the whole thing for free

    • Iasa

      Hi Cheermonkey! Our latests releases are available only for premium members. By upgrading your account you'll watch two new films every month, in HD and super safe. Hope this helps!

  • Paschamo

    wowsome !!

  • Littlejasmin

    Very slow streaming. What should I do.? Thanks

    • Erika Lust

      Hi Littlejasmin, you might want to check your bandwidth speed on your internet provider! It's HD so it's very high quality.

  • cmarie92

    Love the Video, I NEED to know what toy heute uses in the beginning. Could you please tell me the name/brand?
    thanks in advance xx

    • PhillyLove

      it's the njoy Pure Wand...have fun!

  • cmarie92

    *he uses

  • sabinekisses

    Love her. She's always so honestly into it! And him with the gloves and everything. Such a turn on.

  • sabinekisses

    What are the special nipple clamps he puts on her? I couldn't find them in your store. They look amazing.

  • officesubmarine

    Wow... I am so glad I found this site. Other directors would have made this all about the man's power, you made it about fun and fantasy and genuine affection.

  • kellyloren008

    This is a work of art. The costumes, the set, the chemistry between the couple. Wow. I just...wow. Thank you for creating these films! You offer much more than the mainstream.

  • cocokc
    love it