Can You Help Me Find My Car?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Saffronx

I have a recurring day-dream fantasy that always gets me going. My friend and I are out, but we forget where we have parked our car in a large parking lot. A man who works next to the lot offers to take us to his office so we can look at the lot from above and see if we can spot the car that way. As we are walking up the stairs, I stop to tie my shoes, not wearing any underwear, he and my friend get a full view up my skirt. When we get to the office, I have to stand on my tip toes to see out the window to look down at the lot for our car. My friend tries to help lift me up and discovers how wet I am in the process... The man then offers to help, I say that I'd like his help and he comes behind me. I playful jump up and down grinding against him. He slips his knee between my legs and lifts me higher that way, and I grind on his thigh until his pants are wet. A threesome ensues, lots of cunnilingus.