My best friend's ex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By liar

I have to confess that I slept with my best friend's ex. He is a man with a lot of girls, a lot of hookups ... and I am not like that at all. I am the complete opposite! I haven't had a boyfriend, I only had sex with one guy before him and I am a quiet girl.



He wrote me before, saying that he wanted me as a fuckbuddy, wanted me so badly because of my looks and my personality. I rejected him over and over because I know he would only hurt me, as he hurt my best friend. But one day I gave up rejecting.


He came to my place and we had amazing sex the whole night and the next morning. Now we see each other many times a week and have sex everywhere - the car, backyard, at each others work. Nobody knows and I still refuse to answer when everybody when everybody asks about it........... By the way, he is also my classmate's brother...........Sorry!