A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dianarock

I was at a concert hall in Barcelona called Apolo, it was one of those magical nights where everybody goes crazy and dances and gets super sweaty. The place was crowded and even foggy. I went for a cool drink and came across an ex-boyfriend at the bar. We had been together while at university in Madrid, I hadn't seen him for three years. We'd had a very passionate and disturbing relationship which ended hastily. We learned a lot about sex together... And there he was, all sweaty, very surprised too and ordering drinks for him and some friends. What are you doing in Barcelona, I asked. Just visiting, he said. I didn't know you liked this band, he said. Well, when we dated this band didn't even exist, you know? I answered. It was awkward. I went back to my friends and a semi-boyfriend I had. Half an hour later I went to pee. Toilets seemed like a sauna, but everybody was happy. The anti-tobacco law was already into force, yet I could smell it somewhere. I was entering my cubicle and I felt someone following me and closing the door behind me. It was him, of course. We began to kiss and grab our bodies, our saliva felt cold and our skins were sticky. The floor was flooded and dirty. He pulled down his pants and the toilet seat cover, sat there, took a condom out of his pocket. I helped him to put the condom on his cock, opened my legs and sat above him. He knew I like to fuck like that very much, rubbing my clitoris against his abdomen while he penetrates me and squeezes my butt and hides his head in my neck.….. We knew exactly how to do it. We slipped away. He came to my place. Spied my stuff, the photos on my walls... We slept together. In the morning, he told me we would meet again in three years. Now, it's about fucking time. I don't know where he is living now, but I guess I could find him.