A Sympathy Shag

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sincera

There was this one time I had sex with a younger guy. He was just a few years younger than me, but that´s normally a no go. But he was so nice and cute…I confess it was kind of compassion sex but with a passionate twist.

We met in a restaurant and later went up to a hotel room he had booked. The curtains weren’t closed and it was a warm summer evening, so a window was open and it was light outside. We started making out. Soon I was on top of him. But he was just lying there silently and not moving at all, so I started looking outside the window.

About 10 meters in front of me there was another hotel building. The windows of the room across from ours also had opened windows. Some guys were standing there watching. They were all tall and attractive with nice trained upper arms. In the back of my mind it made klick…this must be one of the European Rafting Teams. In the Lobby of the Hotel a saw the posters of the European Championship in Rafting and that all the teams are staying in the same hotel me and Mr. Shy-Guy were.

I smiled and the athletes smiled back. I knew they are watching me having sex and I knew they could see me, my excited face, my wavy breast and my circling hips. Knowing all that and seeing these handsome men made me furious. My hips were circling faster and I began to moan loudly. They grinned and bellowed.

I liked putting on a show for them. My hand went through my hair or kneaded my boops and I was looking at them on purpose when I was moaning. My little show turned them on. I could see it in their faces. But it also turned me on and so I came hard and loud looking at about ten hot grinning athletes. I couldn’t speak for minutes but soon my excited face vanished for a little evil smile.

By the way, Mr. Shy-Guy came too. I think it was quite an experience for him. ;-)