a mouth full of dirt

A Sexual Fantasy

— By virgin101

I'm walking alone in a forest. It's late evening, and getting dark. Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me, telling me to slow down, to stop. At first, I ignore it and continue. But I hear steps behind me coming closer. I hear a man saying that he has lost his orientation, and asking if I could show him the way.
At this point I slow down, eventually stopping, smiling. I can hear him stop behind me, I can feel his breath on my neck. Slowly he starts to touch my shoulders, his hands wander down my arms, my back, my legs, my belly, my breasts ... When he takes off my clothes my heart is already beating very fast. I'm standing very still, just my chest is moving. The whole time he whispers dirty things in my ear, caresses my body with his fingers and lips. My breathing becomes louder. Now I have only my underwear on. He is still standing behind me, taking off my thong. His hands slip between my legs.
When he opens his trousers, his penis touches my thighs and he begins to moan as well. His hands wander to my breasts, squeezing them so hard it hurts. I'm screaming. Suddenly he throws me to the ground and quickly grabs my shoulders so I cannot flee, shoving his penis up my butt and fucking me really hard. I'm experiencing enormous pleasure, but am unable to scream again because now my mouth is full of dirt. After he is finished, he just stands up, walking to where he came from, leaving me naked on the ground, panting.

I would never provoke such a scene in real life, but the thought of it makes me extremely horny! ;)