The Nude Muse

Released 2021 | Length 22 mins

Director Lynx Ymir & Riba Nevaeh

Performers Oja Kay , Riba Nevaeh

Hats off to the Chef

Released 2013 | Length 7 min

Director Erika Lust

Performers Leo Gálvez , Yoha , Yoha & Leo Gálvez

Rubber Feel

Released 2020 | Length 26 mins

Director Von Ferro

Performers Silvia Rubi , Juan Lucho


Released 2021 | Length 20 mins

Director Aleix Rodón

Performers Mar Nantas , Jean Ambar


Released 2020 | Length 30 mins

Director Lynx Ymir & Pris Juno

Performers Lynx Ymir

Indie Short Adult Movies on XConfessions

If you’re in the mood for an indie adult short film adapted from a real life sexual confession then you’re in the right place. The award-winning XConfessions was born in 2013 as the first step of filmmaker Erika Lust’s mission to create a new wave of adult cinema.

XConfessions is now home to a community of filmmakers, artists, performers, and viewers who love sex and film and are looking for a new kind of erotic experience. The site is part of a new wave of ethical adult cinema production & by being a part of it you're helping us to challenge mass produced mainstream pornography and encourage a more conscious consumerism within adult entertainment.

XConfessions is completely crowd-sourced erotic cinema: the public's secret desires are turned into screenplays for Erika Lust and guest directors from around the world. If you’re ready to confess, your secret fantasy might just be our next short film.

Every explicit movie you'll find here is visually arresting, goes beyond traditional gender roles and tired stereotypes. We push the boundaries of fetish, lust, desire and intimacy. Plus, every movie is accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage, on-set performer & director interviews, and exclusive photos. We’re really proud of how we make our movies and we want you to be able to see exactly how they were made.

Thank you for being a part of the XConfessions community.