Serafina Sky

Porn Actor and Performer

Serafina, an adventurous North American based in Belgium, leads a multifaceted life filled with diverse interests and unconventional pursuits. From her passion for carpentry to her love for rock climbing, ceramics, and embracing the van life, Serafina thrives on exploring new hobbies.

However, it's her involvement in the feminist porn scene in Europe that truly sets her apart. Having entered the industry at a young age, Serafina found herself drawn to the world of sexuality without the stigma that often surrounds it. To her, sexuality is not something to be ashamed of but rather celebrated and explored openly.
Working exclusively in porn, Serafina has had an overwhelmingly positive experience, finding it to be a platform for both personal and professional growth. Through performing, she has discovered confidence in her body and voice. To Serafina, porn represents more than just a means of making a living—it's a space for liberation, pleasure, and education about the diversity of human sexuality.

Looking ahead, Serafina dreams of continuing to pursue diverse and fulfilling projects within the adult cinema industry while also exploring her creativity through home videos and experimental adventures with fellow porn activists. And while her journey in the adult cinema industry has been central to her life, she also has dabbled in other forms of media, including a documentary appearance at the age of 19.

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