Lucy Huxley

Porn Actor and Performer

Lucy Huxley is a polyamorous porn performer and creator based in Berlin. She is passionate about sex education, BDSM, and creating art in all forms. She performed for the first time for XConfessions in Dirty Feet with her real life partner and pet at the time, Miro.

She has since performed in a number of XConfessions short films including the threesome movie Jealousy Shock Therapy with Miro and Dion De Rossi directed by Erika Lust, Outercourse directed by Ali Kurr, and the futuristic sci fi porn movie Hey, Siro by Popo Fan where she performed alongside Romeo. Lucy is also a trained dancer and she showed us her amazing contemporary dance skills in Mud Dance where she performed alongside dancer and porn performer Bishop Black. Her most popular XConfessions movie is Hunger: Who's In Charge? directed by Hunter S Johnson where she performed alongside fellow Berlin porn performer Parker Marx.

Berlin, Germany
Sex education, BDSM

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