María Riot

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María is a sex worker and a sex workers' rights activist. She is interested in eroticism, sexuality and pornography and expresses it through the medium of film, photography and writing. She is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but is now based in Barcelona. María is part of the independent porn revolution and is a prominent voice for changing the representation of sexuality and advocating for pornography with a feminist perspective that represents everyone. 

Her first time working with Erika Lust was in If the Apocalypse Comes, Fuck Me where she performed with Luke Hotrod. She also stars in some of the most popular XConfessions films, including A Feminist Man with Marc Morato, the sex documentary Sex Work is Work where she hired Dante Dionys as a escort for the first time, and the sexy all girl threesome movie Girl Gang with Bunnie Bennett and Catalina d'Aragó. In her most recent movie, Cane Honey, she stars as a flamenco dancer who has a passionate affair with a younger married man (Tommy Cabrio) in her candle lit dressing room.

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