Taking the Ludovico technique to intoxicating new heights

"I have always been jealous. I'm not proud of it. It's a tough feeling to feel. One day, I just had enough. And I decided to go experimental with it:

I asked my boyfried to book a hooker, the most beautiful one he could find, just his type. And I know what his type is: Think Kate Middleton, tall and slender, a brunette with hazelnut eyes, short hair (he likes short hair). I wanted to have to watch him making love to another woman. I wanted to suffer through and heal. I needed to be tied up, I fancied a scenario quite like the Ludovico aversion therapy in Clockwork Orange, well not quite so cruel maybe and working the other way round of course. In the end I wanted to like what I was made to witness, hopefully be aroused.

Deal, he said. We prepared the bedroom together. Everything had to be lush. The bed. The sheets. The lights. We put an armchair in the corner for me. He undressed me and tied me up, sipping a Gin&Tonic, his eyes sparkling with excitement. I relaxed as he scrunched up a silk scarf into my mouth. Then the doorbell rang..."

— By Sanda Lalalla
Erika's comment

We've all been jealous right? I just absolutely LOVED this confession about the Ludovico technique, inspired by A Clockwork Orange. What an imaginative idea! And welcoming Dion de Rossi who is one of the smartest people I've ever met! It was also lovely to work with Lucy and Miro again. Watch as a regular couples counseling becomes something a whole lot more exciting... enjoy!


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    And what was it like to you? Did you enjoy it?

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    I missed this story... I do not know why... It is perfect! Naughty, intimate, sexy!
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    I'm excited for this one :)
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    I very much enjoyed this work of erotic art. I am very happy with my subscription so far/
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    One of my favourite films !
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    Diva Sensuelle
    well that was fun...and yes, my favorite part was Miro's sounds!
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    It should have been with another man

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    Erica Lust can’t stop amazing me with her very strong and good quality movies.
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    Agree with Nostromo, this would be great with another man
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    Great movie, I loved it. But I was just hoping for a true portrayal of the story told. I often feel they are made into something else. What she makes is amazing but there are many good stories I am longing to see portrayed more accurately. But anyways I love the work.
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    I agree. This movie was great, but the story in the description is what I was really hoping to see. Maybe they can do that next? Although I can understand why they didn't want to do it- maybe it's too fem-negative to have the girl tied up and forced to watch her man fuck another woman. But I say there's nothing wrong with a little kinky voyeuristic fantasy. I personally really enjoy partners cheating on each other. Not sure why. Doesn't matter what gender's doing it, I just love it.
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    This is the best piece of erotic film I've ever seen. It's so rare to see real, actual male sexuality and pleasure depicted that one even forgets what it looks like to see it outside of oneself. Add the fun premise and the beautiful actors, and... just yum.
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